Ha:ṣan Preparatory & Leadership School is designed to serve as an academically rigorous, bicultural, and community-based high school for Native youth.
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Resilience Through Culture

  • Staff vs Students Bball 2015
    Staff vs Students Bball 2015

    Staff win for the 3rd year in a row,

    58-53  final score☆

  • Annual trail clean up
    Annual trail clean up

    A very successful trip to Topawa, TO Cultural Center Museum for the annual trail clean up☆

  • University of Arizona! Fun!! :)
    University of Arizona! Fun!! :)

    PE class over at the University of Arizona! Fun!! :)

  • Magic Gardens
    Magic Gardens

    Students also got a chance to visit a local nursery in town, "Magic Gardens" to explore all sorts of ways to grown their own food.

  • Native seed search headquarters
    Native seed search headquarters
    Hi ya'll, 

    I wanted to share some photos from the recent trip to Native seed search headquarters where the students got to learn all about how to steward there own seed banks.
  • Invitation to parents: Ha:san Med School 101 Lesson on Diabetes
    Invitation to parents: Ha:san Med School 101 Lesson on Diabetes

    Skeg-tas Ha:san parents and family members,

    The Ha:san biology classes will be welcoming back University of Arizona pre-med students on Wednesday April 29th to continue with a series of health related presentations.  Last time they visited, the students had a blast learning about the cardiovascular system and conducting dissections in our science lab.  

    We are putting an invitation out to any parents and family or community members who would like to get a glimpse of what our students are active in at Ha:san.  This is actually an open invitation to parents who would like to do observations of any Ha:san classes throughout the school year.

    Tomorrow's presentations will take place during 3rd period (10:28 - 11:14) and 5th period (12:26 - 1:12), as we have a shortened class schedule this week.  Please contact the school with any questions or to get more information.

23 Jul 2015


23 Jun 2015

Ha:san Summer School July 6

Ha:san Preparatory and Leadership School will be offering free Summer School from July 6, through July 30 2015.
We will be offering the following classes 
Morning Session Schedule—9:00am to 11:45pm:

__  Biology11st Semester                     __ World History 1 1st Semester

__  Composition (Plato)                        __ Sports (Softball / Basketball)

__   Algebra 1 1st Semester                  __ Pre-Algebra

__  TO Language 1 1st Semester           __ Geometry 1st Semester


Afternoon Session Schedule—12:15pm to 3:00pm

__ Biology 1 2nd Semester                        __ World History 1 2nd Semester

__ Literature (Plato)                                  __ Remedial Reading                                      

__ Algebra 1 2nd Semester                       __ Native Art

__ TO Language 1 2nd Semester                 __ Geometry 2nd Semester

__ Plato/Credit Recovery (40 seats available)


Also, Ha:San Preparatory and Leadership School is accepting enrollment forms for the 2015-2016 school year! 

Click Here to download the Ha:san 2015-2016 Enrollment Packet

 We will offer 

- Quality High School Courses- including Odham Language 

- Small class sizes 

- 21st Century Community Learning Center After School Program 

- Extended tutoring help available 

- Free Breakfast and Lunch to all students 

- Student Transportation is available in most areas in the Tucson, Pasqua Yaqui District, San Xavier District, and Sells AZ areas. 

School Starts August 31, 2015

12 Jun 2015

Class of 2015 Commencement Ceremony

9 Jun 2015

Summer 2015 Bahidaj Harvesting


We welcome all youth who are willing to come out in groups to participate and enjoy the saguaro fruit harvest season...

Posted by Ha:san Preparatory and Leadership School on Tuesday, June 9, 2015
26 May 2015

Memorial Scholarship Fund

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  • Bell Schedule 2015-2016

    This year Ha:ṣañ has modified its bell schedule.
    The regular class schedule is as follows:

    1st Period 8:50am-10:00am
    2nd Period 10:03am-11:13am
    3rd Period 11:16am-12:26pm
    4th Period 12:55pm-2:05pm
    5th Period 2:08pm-3:18pm
    6th Period 3:21pm-4:30pm

  • Focus School Information

    Dear Parent/Legal Guardian:

    In July 2012, Arizona was granted a Flexibility Request under the provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), formerly known as No Child Left Behind, which allows Arizona flexibility in designing and implementing a school accountability system.
    The purpose of the Flexibility Request is to improve educational opportunities for all children attending a Title I school.

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  • Impact AidForms

    Impact Aid forms have been sent out, please complete both sides of the form and return to Ha:ṣañ as soon as possible.

  • Ha:ṣañ SportsForms

    To participate in sports the following forms need to be filled out and returned to Ha:ṣañ

    Click Here to view sports forms

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