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  • Free Breakfast & Lunch

  • Free Transportation

  • Public Charter School

You can Enroll your student(s) by completing the Enrollment pages from our complete application packet below or by visiting us at 1333 E. 10th Street (NW corner of 10th and Highland Ave.)

Student Registration paperwork, included in the application below, needs to be completed before a student begins instruction or other services at Ha:san.

Please note, some important documents you may need to complete Registration include:

1. Transcripts from former school or 8th grade diploma or certificate of promotion

2. Student’s birth/baptismal certificate

3. Student’s social security number

4. Student’s tribal enrollment card/census number

5. Current Immunization records verified by health official

6. I.H.S. number or private insurance coverage information

7. Name and phone numbers for us to contact in case of student emergency

You may download a PDF application using the link below, or pick one up at most district offices, education departments, recreation centers and at Ha:ṣañ School. Completed paper applications must be brought into Ha:ṣañ . Once applications are completed a school tour should be scheduled.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm


You may submit applications in person, by mail, by fax or email (preferred)

Ha:ṣañ administration strongly recommends that new students schedule a campus visit.


Please call and make an appointment for a tour of our campus. We currently have openings for the 2024-2025 academic year for grades 9-12

For additional information please contact us at:

(520) 882-8826 or


Enroll Today!

Please bring the following documents for enrollment with the Registration Packet.

  1. Birth Certificate (original or certified copy) or one of the following

    • Baptismal Certificate​

    • Application for Social Security Number

    • Original school records

    • Letter from the authorized representative of an agency that has custody of the student

  2. Immunization Records (required to attend school)​

  3. Proof of Residency (required) - see pages 10-11 for a complete list of options

  4. High School Transcripts/ Proof of Promotion

  5. Proof of Guardianship if the student does not reside with custodial parent (required)

  6. Testing Records

  7. Withdrawal Form

Additional Documents if Applicable

  1. Custody Document/ Pending Custody (Court Order/ Decree/ Custody Document/ Hearing Date Document/ Power of Attorney)

  2. Other Reports

    • IEP Evaluation Reports​

    • 504

    • Gifted 

Waiting lists will be in effect once class size meets full enrollment status.

If interested in playing sports, a physical is required to participate.

Download Ha:ṣañ's sports participation forms here.

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