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Why Choose Ha:ṣañ Preparatory & Leadership School?

At Ha:ṣañ Preparatory & Leadership School (HPLS), we nurture every Native student’s unique learning journey with rigorous academics, bilingual opportunities and our commitment to our community. 

Our 9-12th grade students close learning gaps, embrace college and career readiness and recover missing credits alongside access to vibrant Tohono O’odham language, tradition and history. Our Hawks are strong, capable and prepared for the many opportunities of the 21st century!

Small Size & Safety

We proudly and purposefully serve the Native youth of Tucson, and our small school means every student is seen and heard for who they are. Our student-centered approach enables us to focus on each unique student; our staff knows every student as more than just their name. 

Free Transportation

Ideally located three short blocks from U of A, we provide transportation to & from the Tohono O’odham and Pasqua Yaqui reservations to get each Native high school student safely to our campus. Our new fleet of buses also allows us to transport our Tucson students, too. 

Native Perspectives

Two Tohono O’odham elders are advisors to our school  -- deeply informing our rich Math, Science and History curriculum with traditional values. Our English classes utilize Native literature, and our US and World History classes embrace our Native lens. Every Ha:sañ student learns via our traditional singing courses, and our ‘Foreign’ Language and Tohono O’odham History classes are taught by Tohono O’odham teachers who are certified by both the state of Arizona and Tohono O’odham tribe. 

Community Service

Our students serve the community by volunteering at Mission Gardens and sharing in restoration efforts of historical and religious significance. 

Amazing Sports

Our robust sports program continues to thrive! Ha:ṣañ boasts both state and city level championship teams in basketball and volleyball. 

College & Career Preparation

Our college & career prep includes computer science and coding, capstone projects, FREE summer school, social-emotional learning (SEL), and curated college admission support from our dedicated counselor.

Ready for the 21st Century

Every Ha:ṣañ student practices mock interviewing, career planning, drafting resumes and more to prepare for bright futures. 

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